Clinton Announces That She Announced The Announcement She Announced She Would Announce In Last Week’s Announcement

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Clinton pauses for reflection in the moments following her announcement (Wiki Commons)
Clinton pauses for reflection in the moments following her announcement (Wiki Commons)


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Former FLOTUS and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on Sunday that she had made the announcement she had announced she would announce in her announcement on April 10. The announcement about her announcement followed much speculation about how the announcement would be announced, how much money the announcement would raise, and how her announcement would affect already announced announcements by other announcers as well as future announcements that have yet to be announced. In the announcement, Clinton announced that the ultimate success of her announcement would be determined by how many television announcers announce that U.S. voters had announced that she should make announcements on the Capitol steps on January 20, 2017, and that the glass ceiling had finally been broken. Clinton also announced that you should announce the announcement to your friends, families, and communities so that the announcement continues to be announced until she announces another announcement that should be announced instead of that announcement. “I am proud to announce that the announcement has been made,” read Clinton’s announcement, “but the road forward is paved with many more tough announcements. I am proud to announce once again that I am the announcer who is most qualified to make those announcements.”

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