David VS The Goliaths at SAIS International Dinner

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The “Hellenic Caucus” representing at the SAIS International Dinner (Photo Courtesy: Leonidas Marcantonatos)


At the annual SAIS International Dinner, students rushed to taste food from all around the world. However, there was one that grabbed the attention of many attendees. While people were buying tickets to taste the cuisines of Asia, Africa and Latin America, a party was going on at the corner of one of the tables.

People were shouting “Opa!” Unlimited food was being consumed, Mediterranean music was playing through speakers and throughout the night there was a line to taste the best of the best of Mediterranean foods, i.e. Greek food.

(Photo Courtesy: Leonidas Marcantonatos)

Equally represented in gender (two men, two women), the ‘Hellenic Caucus’ (or Greek Caucus) table was the liveliest table. It was essentially David vs The Goliaths. Lambrini, Julia, Fotios and I made sure that everyone had a taste of the Greek Constantinopolitan meatballs, accompanied by the main dish of Cretan red sauce chicken with an equal balance of pepper and cinnamon. Greek gourmet salad was composed of everything one typically associates with Greece:  olives, feta, fresh tomatoes and Greek virgin olive oil.  The famous tzatziki sauce, with a pinch of dill and basil, and finally pitas with mashed feta cheese, completed the culinary experience.

Of course, The Hellenic Caucus decided that Greek hospitality cannot come without the famous Greek national drink, ouzo. The party continued, accompanied with the sound of Greek music until the end of the event. The Greek delegation’s firmest supporters included the head of the SAIS IT department, the event photographer, Mediterranean and U.S. students as well as the Japanese delegation.

Although the final result showed that the Thai club won the award for best dish, the Greeks made their presence known. As the international dinner came to a close, the SAIS Greek students cheered for their Spanish and Italian colleagues who were performing songs for the crowd, showing us all that it’s not a matter of competition but a matter of thirst for life and enjoying every moment accompanied by great friends and unlimited tasty food.

As the Ancient Greek Philosopher Epicurus once said, “we need to find with whom we will eat and drink before we find what we will eat and drink.”

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