This April 2015
At Johns Hopkins SAIS, Washington, D.C.

TSO Inaugural Guests v5


In Spring 2015, The SAIS Observer will inaugurate the First Draft of History, an annual conference dedicated to elevating the importance of journalism in foreign policy. This year’s theme, Reporting Under Fear, will convene a diverse panel of journalists to discuss two trends facing the industry: 1) increasing risks to journalists in the field and 2) increasing difficulty to report on irregular wars and conflicts.

By convening students, journalists, and policymakers, this conference series will explore a pressing issue facing the field. Launching such an event at one of the world’s leading IR schools like SAIS will inject a much-needed intellectual emphasis on the important nexus of reporting and foreign policy in a democracy. This event aims to provoke discourse on the risks, opportunities, and shifts in journalism, and strategies for how to adapt and ensure a bright light keeps shining on untold stories.

We will be releasing more details on this exciting project soon.

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