Continuing the Discussion: Reactions to Snowden’s Leaks: Opportunities for Improved Privacy after the NSA

ELIASZ KRAWCZUK GUEST CONTRIBUTOR at SAIS WASHINGTON The debate over NSA domestic surveillance has split people into two major groups: those who believe it is limited in nature and necessary for security and those who believe it is illegal and poses a risk to constitutionally protected rights. However, hidden in the folds of this crisis lies an opportunity to improve privacy protection for US citizens, address technological advances and protect personal freedoms.

After Lampedusa

KIRA GARTZOU-KATSOUYANNI STAFF BLOGGER AT SAIS EUROPE The tragic October 3rd shipwreck near the Italian island of Lampedusa on October 3rd, which claimed the lives of more than 300 African migrants, truly shook the European media and provoked a unique volume of public discussion about the deficiencies of European migration policy. Unfortunately, the shipwreck itself was not a unique event, but rather one among dozens of similar catastrophes.

Continuing the Discussion: Cultural Universalism in China: Questioning Both Sides Before Issuing Moral Ultimatums

NATHAN S. FISCHLER GUEST CONTRIBUTOR AT SAIS NANJING Globalization is often referred to off-handedly as Westernization, and from there as Americanization. The one-world value system draws most of its influence from American culture, economics, development strategies and governance. Americans often feel justified in educating others about a successful society. From a social standpoint, this opens the door to neo-colonialism.

Continuing the Discussion: Cultural Universalism in China: A Consensus Among Different Traditions and Civilizations

TONG ZHICHAO STAFF WRITER AT SAIS NANJING ALL ancient civilizations have strong universal elements in their cultures. For instance, in ancient Chinese civilization, we have the concept of “All-under-Heaven” (Tianxia), which means one should first see the world before his or her own state. Moreover, there exists an overlapping consensus among different traditions and civilizations.