Fall Staff Ride: A SAIS Observer perspective

By Dennis Murphy, Hannah Dennis, Alexander Kessler, Nikole Ottolia The Fall Staff Ride (FSR) was held over the last weekend of October. Each year, the Strategic Studies department organizes fall, spring, and international staff rides. This is a practice rooted in the military orientation of the Strategic Studies department – which means it can likely... Continue Reading →

Club Corner: SAIS Jams Brings Music to SAIS DC

By Editorial Staff October 30, 2019 Following their inaugural performance at a SAIS Alumni Happy Hour, student-led music organization SAIS Jams seeks to bring local musicians together to share their craft. Inspired by the success of SAIS DC’s annual “SAIS Got Talent” in March of 2019, DC students put their heads together to create a... Continue Reading →

What are you up to this weekend?

Taylor Loeb October 25, 2019 Location: Nitze Café Time: Friday afternoon Walks into Grab and Go. Sees Steve. Steve: Hey! What are you up to this weekend? Me: Not much. Just hanging, I guess. You? Steve: Not much. I have this paper to bang out for the Jordanian government about that new tax reform in... Continue Reading →

Club Corner: SAIS Soccer

September 16, 2019 By Khun Nyan Min Htet WASHINGTON⁠, D.C. — As DC SAISers return to school, the SAIS Soccer Club--one of the few purely recreational clubs on the DC campus--begins a new season.  “Clubs tend to be themed towards what we are here for at SAIS: career development and/or specific areas of studies,” said... Continue Reading →

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