Smash for Coffee

By: KHUN NYAN MIN HTET Nanjing – “You know hips don’t lie!” exclaimed Christian Flores, a second-year MAIS student. He wasn’t referring to Shakira’s famous song “Hips Don’t Lie,” but Princess Peach’s ability to knock her opponents off the stage using her hips in Super Smash Brothers. A group of Super Smash Brothers enthusiasts came together... Continue Reading →

Dating at SAIS Bologna

By: JOSH BRICKMAN Bologna: Coming to Bologna offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it also has some unique challenges. Unlike at a large university in the U.S., English is a rarely spoken language in Bologna. Despite all the emphasis on assimilation, an overwhelming number of SAISers do not have a basic comprehension of Italian (myself included).... Continue Reading →

HNC Intramural Basketball Scouting Report

By: ELI TIRK and KHUN NYAN MIN HTET NANJING - Nanjing University’s Gulou Campus Basketball Tournament is about to begin as the Hopkins-Nanjing Center’s basketball team gears up for the coming fall season games. Here is a look at the HNC squad this season. It’s hard to tell this dynamic duo apart on the court... Continue Reading →

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