Is Trade Evil?

Trade has driven the U.S. presidential debate in 2016. Criticizing free trade as the cause of declining U.S. manufacturing, both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have sparked serious discussion throughout the electorate on free trade, globalization and the recreation of tariff barriers. In search of reasoned expertise to explain the trade phenomena, we sat down... Continue Reading →

Faculty Interview: A Discussion with Paul Armstrong-Taylor

Paul Armstrong-Taylor is the Resident Professor of International Economics at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Nanjing University, China, where he teaches classes on finance, strategy and the Chinese economy. His professional experience includes positions as a consultant at Monitor Group and London Economics and as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Professor Armstrong-Taylor received... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of a Foreign Service Officer

Jonathan Crawford worked as a manager at Accenture from 1999-2004 after graduating from Brigham Young University. After working for Accenture he attended George Washington University's Elliot School of International Affairs where he received an M.A. in International Affairs. He then started working for the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer in 2006 and has... Continue Reading →

Dr. John Harper Discusses Upcoming Book

BY BERKIN SAFAK SENER John Harper, professor of American foreign policy at SAIS Europe was granted a sabbatical to  work on his new book titled The Edge of Empire in Bologna next semester. Following the publication of his groundbreaking book The Cold War in 2011, Professor Harper’s new research sheds light on the bitter political... Continue Reading →

Dr. Liu Beibei On China’s Environmental Policy

BY JONATHAN HALL-EASTMAN NANJING, China — Dr. Liu Beibei holds a PhD in Environmental Planning and Management from Nanjing University and wrote her dissertation on the enforcement of environmental economic policies in China. She is now working in the field of environmental and energy management. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Environment,... Continue Reading →

New M.A. IPE Program Launched This Fall

BY BERKIN SAFAK SENER SAIS launched a brand new Master of Arts program in International Political Economy (IPE) in the Fall Semester this year. The new program seeks to provide MA students with the widest possible set of skills and competencies to comprehend the dynamics of the international political economy and to address global problems.... Continue Reading →

Professor Gaye Christofferson on China’s Energy

by IAN WEISSGERBER NANJING—Gaye Christoffersen holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii, and wrote a dissertation about the politics of Chinese oil. She is a leading scholar in Asian energy security, and a Resident Professor of International Politics at the Hopkins–Nanjing Center in Nanjing, China. Amongst numerous publications pertaining to security... Continue Reading →

Fewsmith Talks Corruption in China

By Emily Walz WASHINGTON—Last Wednesday, March 4, renowned China scholar Dr. Joseph Fewsmith delivered a lecture titled “What Does Xi Jinping’s Campaign Against Corruption Tell Us About Chinese Politics?” to an audience of students, faculty, and guests at SAIS D.C.’s Kenney Auditorium. SAIS Professor David Lampton introduced Fewsmith, calling him “one of the most eminent”... Continue Reading →

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