Is China Splitting From Europe Over Carbon Trading?

by: SKYLAR DRENNEN NANJING – On March 9th Climate Home, an online publication focused on the international politics of climate change, published an article titled “China floats split with EU over carbon trading”. Citing Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) vice president and National People’s Congress (NPC) member, Wang Yi, as their source, Climate Home published... Continue Reading →

Upheaval in Korea: The Opinions of Young Voters

by: CAROLINE YARBER   Last month, the South Korean National Assembly voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye after a political scandal sparked protests nationwide (for background, see Julia Wargo’s article here). President Park has since been impeached. We spoke to several young Koreans to find out how they were feeling about the current situation in... Continue Reading →

An Interview with John Pasden

BY LOGAN PAULEY John Pasden is the founder and head consultant of AllSet Learning in Shanghai, China. Over the years, John has led and worked for many successful Mandarin language acquisition outfits, such as being the international host of ChinesePod for many years and publishing Mandarin learning resources through his own consultancy and Mandarin Companion. John... Continue Reading →

Clash of Civilizations at the Nanjing Museum

BY HANNAH SELLES In October, I visited the Nanjing Museum with my HNC roommate. The rival glories of ancient Egyptian and Western Han civilizations were on display at the special exhibit, “Kings and Pharaohs: Treasures of Ancient Egypt and China’s Han Dynasty.” We found ourselves captivated, not only by spoils of bygone kingdoms, but also by... Continue Reading →

The SAIS Cherry Blossom Ball 2016

BY SID RAVISHANKAR On March 26, SAIS D.C. students found their way over to Arena Stage to attend the Cherry Blossom Ball, an annual tradition at SAIS organized by the Student Government Association (SGA). The SAIS DC event sees more than five hundred SAIS DC students converge on a venue for an event Jill Huang,... Continue Reading →

SAIS Students Make the Consulting Case

BY RUI ZHONG WASHINGTON-On a cloudy, rainy November 3rd, forty-four SAIS students worked in teams to build a better school lunch. Their goal, assigned by consultants overseeing the task, was to advise the benefit corporation Revolution Foods on opportunities to expand social impact and profitability. At the end of thirty-six hours, the teams would turn... Continue Reading →

Gathering the SAIS Family Around the Table

BY KADY HAMMER AND ANNA VASUDEVAN, SAIS OBSERVER BOLOGNA, Italy — As mentioned at the Thanksgiving dinner held Friday, Nov. 27 at SAIS Europe by honorary speaker Lee Sutton, Thanksgiving is all about tradition. According to Sutton, the social meaning of Thanksgiving is “about being thankful for friends and family, and being able to share... Continue Reading →

Experiencing the Paris Attacks

BY FATIMA NANAVATI I had just finished midterm exams and was excited to finally have a break from the chaotic stress bubble commonly known as graduate school. I went home to frantically pack my bags for an exciting weekend trip to Paris. Being fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy, I had been eager to... Continue Reading →

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