SAIS Students Help Judge English Competition

BY LIBBA KING & LOGAN PAULEY On the evening of Sunday, Oct. 25, we had the opportunity to judge and help moderate Learner English's second annual English speaking competition. The competition brought 28 local Nanjing students and their families to a major auditorium at the Science and Technology Center of Nanjing University. The competition was... Continue Reading →

SAIS Europe Elects New SGA for 2015-16 Academic Year

BY ANA VASUDEVAN & KADY HAMMER BOLOGNA, Italy — On September 30, the SAIS Europe student body elected its new Student Government Association representatives. Polls closed at midnight, determining the fate and the future of this year’s student leadership. Of the 13 SGA candidates, the following five were selected: Joaquim Miguel Pereira Mendes, Portugal; Elisa... Continue Reading →

Bid Farewell to Your Points

by SEETHAL KUMAR WASHINGTON – It is every SAISer’s favorite time of year: bidding season. When I first learned about the bidding system at orientation, I was tickled by the idea of employing the classic microeconomic principle to enrollment. My initial amusement was quickly diffused when I realized that 1300 points would limit me to... Continue Reading →

Writing Under Surveillance

Tamil journalist J.S. Tissainayagam (“Tissa”) went to check on his friend and colleague at the Police Terrorism Investigation Division in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on March 7, 2008. His life would never be the same.

Wear the SAIS Uniform

Over two years, SAIS has given each of us one of the best educations in the world, stimulated our intellect in newfound ways and opened doors to our future careers. It is time to give back for all we have received. Section Editor and former Co-Editor-In-Chief, Tristram Thomas, calls for giving to the Class Gift.

Looking at Gender at SAIS

Campus News Editor Thomas Proctor looks into the gender issues at SAIS. First, women currently make up 23% of SAIS' full-time faculty. Second, Georgetown Medical Center, which is the assigned clinic for SAIS students, does not prescribe birth control medications for family planning. Third, students who have experienced gender-related unwelcoming comments from the faculty and staff at SAIS do have a reporting channel.

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