A Hopkins-Nanjing Halloween

By: KELSEY HAMILTON NANJING - Halloween came early this Saturday at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center with a night-long celebration for the students and staff. The event featured music, a live band and a gift card raffle. Costumes were mandatory for attendance and did not disappoint. Highlights included a full-piece Winnie the Pooh costume, Daenerys Targaryen, and... Continue Reading →

Student Profile: Fitz Fitzpatrick

By GARRETT SWEITZER To the casual observer, Fitz Fitzpatrick may seem to be an overly diligent student who spends an inordinate amount of time in the library. In fact, he jokes that in some regards he is more familiar with the student computer room at SAIS Europe than with the city of Bologna. Upon closer... Continue Reading →

Is China Splitting From Europe Over Carbon Trading?

by: SKYLAR DRENNEN NANJING – On March 9th Climate Home, an online publication focused on the international politics of climate change, published an article titled “China floats split with EU over carbon trading”. Citing Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) vice president and National People’s Congress (NPC) member, Wang Yi, as their source, Climate Home published... Continue Reading →

Interview with Marie-Lucie Spoke, founder of the CSR Consulting Company “Community Roots China”

by: ANNA WOODS NANJING--Community Roots China works with underprivileged children in 12 provinces around China. Their programmes include the One Heart Gift Bag, which gives bags to primary aged children, the Bookworm programme, which provides books for schools, and the Educational Sponsorship, which pays the fees for students to attend high school or university. Marie-Lucie... Continue Reading →

Upheaval in Korea: The Opinions of Young Voters

by: CAROLINE YARBER   Last month, the South Korean National Assembly voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye after a political scandal sparked protests nationwide (for background, see Julia Wargo’s article here). President Park has since been impeached. We spoke to several young Koreans to find out how they were feeling about the current situation in... Continue Reading →

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