Smash for Coffee

By: KHUN NYAN MIN HTET Nanjing – “You know hips don’t lie!” exclaimed Christian Flores, a second-year MAIS student. He wasn’t referring to Shakira’s famous song “Hips Don’t Lie,” but Princess Peach’s ability to knock her opponents off the stage using her hips in Super Smash Brothers. A group of Super Smash Brothers enthusiasts came together... Continue Reading →

A Hopkins-Nanjing Halloween

By: KELSEY HAMILTON NANJING - Halloween came early this Saturday at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center with a night-long celebration for the students and staff. The event featured music, a live band and a gift card raffle. Costumes were mandatory for attendance and did not disappoint. Highlights included a full-piece Winnie the Pooh costume, Daenerys Targaryen, and... Continue Reading →

Interview with Marie-Lucie Spoke, founder of the CSR Consulting Company “Community Roots China”

by: ANNA WOODS NANJING--Community Roots China works with underprivileged children in 12 provinces around China. Their programmes include the One Heart Gift Bag, which gives bags to primary aged children, the Bookworm programme, which provides books for schools, and the Educational Sponsorship, which pays the fees for students to attend high school or university. Marie-Lucie... Continue Reading →

SAIS Students Make the Consulting Case

BY RUI ZHONG WASHINGTON-On a cloudy, rainy November 3rd, forty-four SAIS students worked in teams to build a better school lunch. Their goal, assigned by consultants overseeing the task, was to advise the benefit corporation Revolution Foods on opportunities to expand social impact and profitability. At the end of thirty-six hours, the teams would turn... Continue Reading →

MENA Happy Hour: Friday, November 13th, 2015

BY LENA ABDIN, KIMYA ZAHEDI, AND ELIZABETH PARKER-MAGYAR WASHINGTON — On Friday, November 13th, the SAIS MENA club will be hosting its happy hour, with partial proceeds going to the Amal Fund, an initiative that supports refugee youth leaders in Jordan, both in Za’atari refugee camp and in urban areas. Attendees can expect Middle Eastern... Continue Reading →

Stephan Hadley Talks Foreign Policy at SAIS

By WILLIAM YALE WASHINGTON--Last month on March 9, former U.S. National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley arrived at SAIS for a wide-ranging discussion on the Middle East, moderated by SAIS Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow, Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli. Much of the conversation focused on the long-term, second- and third-order effects emanating from current crises in the Middle... Continue Reading →

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