Ancient Chinese Philosophy in Modern American Living

EMILY WALZ & TONG ZHICHAO ASSISTANT EDITOR & STAFF WRITER AT SAIS NANJING Professor Sam Crane, chair of the Williams College Political Science Department and former Hopkins-Nanjing Center instructor (’88-’89), recently visited Nanjing to discuss his ideas about the micro-application of ancient Chinese philosophy to the ethics of everyday American life.

When Exceptionalism Meets Insularity

MICHAEL CORNISH GUEST CONTRIBUTOR at SAIS WASHINGTON I encountered this tweet by Johns Hopkins SAIS the other day, and I must admit it really got me going: Johns Hopkins | SAIS ‏@SAISHopkins #America is the only country where someone called Zbigniew Brzezinski can make a name for himself without changing his name #zbig I can only really respond by parroting one reaction I saw, which was entitled “when exceptionalism meets insularity.”

Who’s Who of US National Security at SAIS

JAMEEL KHAN Assistant Editor at SAIS Washington At eighty-five, Zbigniew Brzezinski still emits a rare kind of wisdom -- one of intellectual energy and strategic foresight that has for decades advised former US presidents, shaped American foreign policy, influenced geopolitics and inspired policymakers and students alike. He did this once again with charm and thought-provoking remarks to a packed Kenney Auditorium on Tuesday, October 22.

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