SAIS Europe Visits the Hague

BY ANA VASUDEVAN  On April 1, eight SAIS Europe students traveled to The Hague, Netherlands as part of a trip organized by Professor Tiffany Basciano in Washington, D.C., for students concentrating in International Law and Organizations. Often referred to as “the city of international peace and justice,” The Hague houses some of the world’s most... Continue Reading →

A Staff Ride Through Germany and Poland

BY SID RAVISHANKAR In September 1939, Germany began a campaign of conquest across Europe, starting with an assault on Poland. Almost 80 years later, over the course of a week in March 2016, students from the SAIS Washington D.C. campus got the opportunity to go back in time and investigate the causes of what eventually... Continue Reading →

SAIS Europe is Ready for Hillary

BY ANA VASUDEVAN In keeping with the spirit of Super Tuesday on March 1, the SAIS Europe Observer staff held a “closed primary” of its own to gauge the thoughts of students, faculty and staff on the current U.S. presidential candidates. With all the votes counted, SAIS Europe is clearly ready for Hillary. With a... Continue Reading →

Life is Like a Bologna of Chocolates

BY FATIMA NANAVATI BOLOGNA, Italy - Italy has long been praised for being a culinary epicenter of Europe and the city of Bologna continues to uphold its delicious reputation. From Nov. 11 through 15, Bologna hosted the 11th edition of the famous CioccoShow fair. The fair first made an appearance this year at the Milan... Continue Reading →

The Emperors Touch Down in China

BY DAN BERNHARD NANJING, China — Blood, sweat, tears and body pain for days is over…No, I’m not talking about a Justin Bieber concert! I am, of course, referring to American football. This, however, is not just any football team; this is the Nanjing Emperor football team (南京帝王美式橄榄球队) or “Diwangs,” the only one of its... Continue Reading →

What Defeat Means for Narendra Modi?

BY UDIT BANERJEA On Nov. 8, India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi suffered a major defeat in the legislative assembly elections in the eastern state of Bihar. It amounted to a personal humiliation of Modi, since he had been the centerpiece of the BJP’s campaign. The party ran a... Continue Reading →

SAIS Students Help Judge English Competition

BY LIBBA KING & LOGAN PAULEY On the evening of Sunday, Oct. 25, we had the opportunity to judge and help moderate Learner English's second annual English speaking competition. The competition brought 28 local Nanjing students and their families to a major auditorium at the Science and Technology Center of Nanjing University. The competition was... Continue Reading →

Halloween Festivities a Hit in Bologna

BY ANA VASUDEVAN & KADY HAMMER Why wait to celebrate tomorrow when we can celebrate today? This year’s Halloween festivities in Bologna kicked off a day early on October 30th. Organized by the SGA, SAIS Europe danced the night away at the exclusive Casalunga Golf Resort located outside of Bologna’s city walls. In a matter... Continue Reading →

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