Student Profile: Fitz Fitzpatrick

By GARRETT SWEITZER To the casual observer, Fitz Fitzpatrick may seem to be an overly diligent student who spends an inordinate amount of time in the library. In fact, he jokes that in some regards he is more familiar with the student computer room at SAIS Europe than with the city of Bologna. Upon closer... Continue Reading →

What Did You Do This Summer?

We asked a couple of our classmates what they did this summer to see where everyone is coming from and where they hope to go during their time at SAIS: Shereen Shafi: This summer I studied Urdu for two months in Lucknow, India through the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program funded by the U.S. Department... Continue Reading →

SAIS Europe Professor Profile: William Belding

HYELADZIRRA BANU Assistant Editor at SAIS Europe Each year, SAIS Europe draws on experts from all over the world who bring a wide range of personal and professional experiences to bear on academics in Bologna. This year Professor William Belding, on loan for a semester from the School of International Service at American University, is one of them.

SAIS DC Student Profile: Shahed Ghoreishi

SELIM KORU Associate Editor at SAIS Washington It is difficult to find an average profile among SAIS students. Our classmates come from a variety of backgrounds, spanning across a variety of nationalities, religions, academic fields and interests.That diversity makes it hard to find a representative profile of the student body. That was not lost on Shahed Ghoreishi, a first year in Middle East Studies in DC.

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