Student Profile: Fitz Fitzpatrick

By GARRETT SWEITZER To the casual observer, Fitz Fitzpatrick may seem to be an overly diligent student who spends an inordinate amount of time in the library. In fact, he jokes that in some regards he is more familiar with the student computer room at SAIS Europe than with the city of Bologna. Upon closer... Continue Reading →

Playing with Power

BY JONIEL CHA The United States, Russia, and China have entered a new era of “power grabs”. Smaller regional powers are emerging and flexing their muscles in anticipation of expansion like dogs impatiently waiting under the dinner table. North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines and Japan consider themselves among the contenders in Asia. Dr. Victor... Continue Reading →

Taipei City Guide

  BY SUSAN WANG While Tokyo, Beijing or Shanghai may be conventional vacation choices, Taipei should be your next travel destination. Though Taipei may be small and not the most aesthetically pleasing city in the world, it’s Asia’s hidden gem. As a culinary and cultural melting pot, Taipei should not be overlooked. Arriving in Taipei... Continue Reading →

Wanda World

BY CHASE STEWART To misquote Deng Xiaoping, “To get rich is glorious!” Since the 1980s, China has experienced the most rapid economic expansion of any country in the history of the world. Millions of Chinese have been lifted out of poverty and a new burgeoning middle-class has been flourishing in urban centers all over China.... Continue Reading →

SAIS Seeks Out Bologna’s Secrets

BY FATIMA NANAVATI Bologna, home to the SAIS Europe campus, is often ignored due to its scruffy and scrappy first impression. However, along with its fascinating history, delicious cuisine, and creative festivals, it also embraces a series of city secrets that many locals spend years uncovering. With the help of a few native Italians and... Continue Reading →

Korean Reunification Study Tour

BY JAEHAN PARK The 150-mile-long inter-Korean border is one of the world's most heavily armed regions. With the opening of Cuba, the Korean peninsula is now the only place where the Cold War still persists. Witnessing the demise of communism and the Arab Spring, one may naturally think North Korea will follow suit, and the... Continue Reading →

10 Surprises in Cuba

BY DANIELLE SCHWAB Just days before President Obama’s state visit to Cuba, SAIS students traveled to Havana for a study tour to examine the capital’s urban development. Below, guest contributor and study tour participant Danielle Schwab shares with the SAIS community some of the more surprising things she encountered while on the tour: Not enough... Continue Reading →

Under the Athens Sun

BY FOTIOS STRAVORAVDIS A city that combines ancient ruins with modern architecture, Athens is the perfect place to visit before finishing your studies at SAIS Europe. Ideally, a perfect destination for Spring break. But, what makes Athens so special? The people? The sun? The nightlife or the history? Embark with me on this brief journey and... Continue Reading →

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