Continuing the Discussion: The US Government Shutdown: Effects Internationally

LUCIE BERNATKOVA Guest Contributor at SAIS Europe Non-American citizens are also bearing the burden of the United States Congress’ irresponsibility on a personal level, with no political recourse to hold anyone accountable. As a citizen of the Czech Republic, Congress does not represent me, yet I put my faith in its responsibility. The government’s incompetence to perform its primary duty — to deliver public services to its taxpayers — has real and daily ramifications for me.

JOSHUA LEVKOWITZ Staff Blogger at SAIS Europe The stark polarization of Egyptian politics in the aftermath of President Mohammad Morsi’s ouster from power has created general disillusionment within Egyptian society. On September 24, politicians, activists, and scholars announced the “Road of the Revolution Front,” a coalition aimed to “refocus attention on the main aims of the January 25 Revolution.”

Cheap Solar Energy: The United States’s 21st Century Moon Shot

DEVON SWEZEY Staff Blogger at SAIS Washington If you’ve been paying attention to recent trends in the energy world, then you know that renewable energy technologies—solar PV in particular—have grown significantly in recent years. As governments worldwide have extended support for the development and commercialization of such technology, costs have come down dramatically and deployment has increased exponentially.

Bidding Takes Off at SAIS Europe

KSHITIJ NEELAKANTAN Staff Writer at SAIS Europe This fall, unprecedented over-enrollment in four courses nearly forced SAIS Europe students to bid on courses — a process the administration has long prided itself on avoiding.

Booyoung Jang explores the absurdities of SAIS Life in her biweekly comic.

Turkey’s Jazz Diplomacy

AHMET ÇINAR Guest Contributor at SAIS Washington It is worth paying attention to local history in DC. Events last weekend led me to a strange and wonderful chapter in my home country of Turkey’s relations with the United States.

Bidding Difficult to Avoid at SAIS DC

ZHAOYIN FENG Associate Editor at SAIS Washington With bidding encroaching on the SAIS Europe campus, The SAIS Observer reviews the process and history of bidding both at SAIS Washington and across comparable graduate programs.

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