Where does the Democratic Party go from here?

By Adam DuBard The Democratic Party and its base were faced with an unfortunate dilemma in the wake of the November 2020 elections. With the votes all counted, how were Democratic voters meant to evaluate the electoral results? Yes, priority number one had been accomplished with Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump, and two Senate... Continue Reading →

The Flaws of SAIS’ Class Bidding System

By Alex Kessler At the beginning of every semester, SAIS students gamble on their education through a complex bidding system. Popular classes such as Illicit Finance, Risk Modeling, and The Rise of Economic Nationalism drive a competitive auction, often resulting in a clearing price above 1000 points. While bidding exists to allocate finite classroom seats... Continue Reading →

Transforming workers into spenders: Chinese cities call for longer weekends 把员工转变为消费者:周末延长政策将何去何从?

By Phyllis Brown 铠凌 NANJING, CHINA — When French director Chris Marker released the classic short film “Sunday in Peking” in 1956, the concept of a weekend was still alien to China. Since urban workers only had Sundays off, households often pitted against time to complete errands that had accumulated all week. Likewise, a rest... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Recession & Recovery

How much money should the government spend? By Leif Olson During the October 6th meeting of the National Association for Business Economics, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the risk of the government spending designed to pull the economy out of the recession is small. Powell has perhaps been more outspoken about fiscal policy... Continue Reading →

What Chinese Reactions to “Mulan” Reveal About China’s Cultural Exports 从电影《花木兰》在中国的反响,谈及中国文化输出

By Ran Zhao 赵然 NANJING, CHINA —— In September 2020, Disney released the highly-anticipated, live-action remake of “Mulan.” The film was likewise expected to attract many Chinese moviegoers, as the younger generation had been deeply impressed with the Mulan animation released earlier in 1998. Furthermore, Chinese people often enjoy seeing foreign reinterpretations of Chinese cultural... Continue Reading →

Under the Fuling Sun 在涪陵的太阳下

By Austin Frenes 冯翱森 NANJING, China — In 1997, foreigners were a rare sight in Fuling, a district of Chongqing municipality, China. 23 years later, Fuling was home to over 200 foreign residents, including an international community of teachers and students, as well as Peace Corps volunteers from the US. Stepping off a train at... Continue Reading →

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