This Week at SAIS [Sept. 29 – Oct. 3]


Take a minute and see who is walking through SAIS’ doors this week.

Monday, September 29

  • “Hearing of the European Commissioner for Trade and Panel Discussion” Live Streaming of the Hearing, 8am, Kenney Herter
  • “Working in Washington: Thoughts on Effectiveness and Survival” Professor John McLaughlin, 12pm, Rome Auditorium
  • “U.S. Department of State Internships – Information Session” 12:30pm, Nitze 507
  • “SAIS Thai Club” 5pm, Rome 812

Tuesday, September 30

  • “The World Bank Presentation” Senior Recruitment Officer, 12:30pm, Rome 203
  • “CARI Kickoff Meeting” China-Africa Research kickoff meeting, BOB 714
  • “Making Long Term Investments in the US-China Relationship” Carla MaGiffert, 100k Strong Foundation, 2:30pm, Kenney Herter Auditorium
  • “Foreign Service Officer Test Information Session” 5pm, Rome Auditorium
  • “Putin’s Grand Strategy: The Eurasian Union and Its Discontents” Book launch, 5:15pm, Kenney Herter Auditorium
  • “The Iranian Nuclear Talks: A View from London” Mark Fitzpatrick, International Institute for Strategic Studies, 6pm, Rome 806

Wednesday, October 1

  • “USTR – International Trade Career Presentation”  Don Eiss, 12:15pm, Nitze 507
  • “EES Current Events Seminar” Rome 535, 12:30pm
  • “Development Roundtable: Trade Links Between Asia and Latin America” Dean Naoyuki Yoshino, Rome 200, 12:30pm
  • “Finca International Information Session” BOB736, 12:30pm
  • “How Latin America is Starting to Get Education Right” Barbara Bruns, 12:45pm, Nitze 517
  • “MIPP Career Development Session” 5pm, Rome Auditorium
  • “Challenges Facing the World Trade System” Panel Discussion (click link for more detailed description), 5:30pm, Kenney Herter

Thursday, October 2

  • “Challenges Facing the World Trade System” Panel Discussion (click link for more detailed description), 8:30am, Kenney Herter
  • “Energy, Resources and Environment Program Information Meeting for Bologna Students” 12pm, BOB736
  • “Elite Parties, Poor Voters: A discussion on voting behavoir in India with Tariq Thachil” 12:30pm, BOB500
  • “OPIC Site Visit” 12:45pm, at OPIC’s Headquarters
  • “Asia-Pacific Megatrends” Charles Morrison of the East-West Center, 4:30pm, Rome 812
  • “Results for Development Information Session” Morgan Benson, 4:30pm, Career Services Conference Room
  • “Fracking: Technology, Impacts and Regulation” Panel Discussion, 5pm, Rome Auditorium

Friday, October 3

  • “SAIS Christian Forum” 11am, Nitze 410
  • “M Powered Strategies Presentation” 12:30pm, Rome 102
  • “LASP Club Happy Hour” 4pm, Nitze 410
  • “Salsa Lessons” Fundraiser for the LASP Club, 8:30pm, BOB500


Source:  All events listed are sourced from the weekly “Next Week at SAIS” email.