Thank you for your interest in The SAIS Observer!

The SAIS Observer is an online campus newspaper for SAIS students, alumni, and faculty. A cross-campus, TSO operates in Nanjing, Bologna, and DC and publishes in both English and Mandarin Chinese and offers student opportunities to publish their written work. TSO publishes on a variety of topics including international relations, political opinion pieces, campus news, and current events.

Want to contribute to TSO?

Student submissions are encouraged!  Please submit your article or questions to

Articles should be no longer than 700 words and edited for publication in a student newspaper. In your email, with article attached, please include:

  • Your name
  • JHU email address
  • Current campus
  • Academic year
  • Concentration
  • Short byline
  • Any other information you feel we should know when reviewing your article

Submissions are not guaranteed publication. TSO staff will review your article for clarity, purpose, grammar, style and factual correctness. You will receive an email from your campus bureau chief should your article be selected for publication.

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