Cooperation Amidst Competition: China, the U.S., and Climate Change 竞争中的合作:中国,美国与气候变化

As the world’s largest CO2 emitters, China and the U.S. have unique roles in the international community’s shift toward sustainable development. The imperative to confront climate change is obvious, but how can these superpowers cooperate in the context of increased competition? 作为世界第一和第二大碳排放国,中国和美国在国际社会转向可持续发展的过程中扮演着特殊的角色。很显然,这两个超级大国必须直面气候变化,但在竞争不断加剧的环境中,它们该如何开展合作?

SAIS’s Role in US-China Dialogue

By Qianrong Ding Intercultural communication has never been more important than today given the turbulent US-China relationship. The SAIS US-China Dialogue contributes to this effort through a series of meaningful discussions on pressing issues, helping to foster understanding between China and the United States. The US-China relationship is one of the most complex bilateral relationships... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Recession & Recovery

How much money should the government spend? By Leif Olson During the October 6th meeting of the National Association for Business Economics, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the risk of the government spending designed to pull the economy out of the recession is small. Powell has perhaps been more outspoken about fiscal policy... Continue Reading →

The Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Explained

By Adam DuBard In the early morning of September 27, 2020, Azerbaijanian military forces launched a surprise attack into the Nagorno-Karabakh region, a disputed territory between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Although tensions flared in July, the suddenness and intensity of this war have taken many around the world by surprise. In less than a month of... Continue Reading →


Leif Olson In 2019 the UN Environment Programme published its annual Emissions Gap Report, which measures current emissions data against the goals laid out in the 2015 Paris Accords — a global warming progress report for national governments. Unfortunately, most countries have fallen far short of their objective.  Time is running out to keep the... Continue Reading →

Amid a Historic Peace Deal, a People Forgotten

By Adam DuBard On September 15th, President Trump and the White House hosted dignitaries from Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain for a historic event, as Bahrain and UAE became the third and fourth Arab nations to normalize relations with Israel. Both nations joined Egypt and Jordan, who had previously signed peace treaties... Continue Reading →

Can language learning and cross-cultural exchange thrive virtually? Online learning at the HNC 外语学习与跨文化交流会在虚拟平台兴盛吗?中美中心的线上学习

By Hope Parker 柯梦希 NANJING, China — By January 22nd, 2020, when human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus was confirmed, Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC) students, faculty and staff had already spread around the world for Lunar New Year holidays and travel. Students were slated to begin spring semester classes on February 24th and were anxiously awaiting... Continue Reading →

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