Election Security: How to make sure your vote counts

By Richard Pedersen Since evidence of Russian intervention in the 2016 election first came to light, election security experts and local officials have repeatedly raised the alarm regarding the vulnerability of the American electoral system. Public statements from such experts have primarily focused on threats of foreign interference. However, in recent weeks President Trump’s claims... Continue Reading →

Feeling Homesick? Check out these restaurants!

By: Laura Rong  February 5th, 2020 BOLOGNA, Italy -  Home to the SAIS Europe, Bologna has welcomed students from different parts of the world since the 1960s. Although the local cafeteria on campus,  Giulios, offers delicious Italian breakfast and pasta everyday, sometimes one just wants to feel closer to home by going to a restaurant... Continue Reading →

SAIS election poll: Democratic primaries

By Gerhard Ottehenning February 17, 2020 WASHINGTON, D.C. — After a long winnowing phase, the Democratic primaries are finally underway. SAIS Virginia residents will get the chance to vote on March 3 (“Super Tuesday”), followed by Maryland residents on April 28 and D.C. on June 2. A recent poll administered by the SAIS Observer provides... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Virus: Bologna Edition

By Julia Fonteles  February 25, 2020 BOLOGNA, Italy - In the early hours of Sunday, February 23, Lombardy, the northern region of Italy, woke up to a public health crisis. In a span of 72 hours, Italy reported more than 200 cases of COVID-19, marking the biggest outbreak of the epidemic outside Asia. On Monday,... Continue Reading →

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