Comic: How SAIS Sees SAIS

Biweekly comic by Booyoung Jang. This week: How SAIS Sees SAIS.

Comic: How SAIS Sees SAIS


2 Comments on Comic: How SAIS Sees SAIS

  1. I’d be more offended if this were remotely funny. Only Europeans think that DC is expensive? And only Asians are more talkative once you get to know them? What searing social commentary.

    • Mr. Pro-Comic // October 7, 2013 at 9:15 pm //

      AC, I thought it was brilliant.
      But saying that, I look forward in anticipation to your wittier, and better-drawn cartoon! Oh, and with in-depth analysis of student life at SAIS in 20 words or less. 🙂

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