Goodbye from the editors

Danielle ThompsonEditor-in-chief @thedanithompson Dear readers, I am more grateful for this opportunity and this experience than I ever thought I … More

Tongqi in China

By Lai Chuxuan NANJING, China — “Tongqi” is a relatively modern Chinese term used to refer to heterosexual women who … More

让座礼仪 Generational tensions on display: public transport culture in China

By Shen Hao Translation by Amy Bodner 南京,中国——据新华社报道,截止2017年底,中国60岁及以上老年人将达到41亿人,占总人口17.3%。同时,到2050年老年人将占到我国总人口的三分之一。 随着老龄化日趋严重,老年人正在和年轻人共享甚至竞争有限的资源,年轻人和老年人因此产生各种代沟和误解,这一点体现在中国地铁和公交等公共交通的利益文化中。孝道为先的中国传统文化与提倡自由的新时代观念产生了碰撞,两者间的矛盾分歧亟待解决。 NANJING, China — According to Xinhua News Agency, by the end … More