Letter to the Editor – Some Good News for Greece

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In response to the blog  post “Some Good News For Greece” published online at saisobserver.org

Dear Editor,

I read the blog, “Some Good News For Greece,” posted on The SAIS Observer’s website, and I’d like to present a counter argument. The crackdown of the Golden Dawn will not end the Greek electorate’s voting in favor of extremist parties.

Voters elected the Golden Dawn into parliament not because people wanted to be represented by fascist thugs, assassins and mobsters. For the Greek electorate, voting for Golden Dawn is a reaction springing from the collapse of the welfare system, as the Golden Dawn claimed to restore the welfare system. As the problem remains, the persecution of Golden Dawn leaders will have limited negative electoral impact. Therefore, the crackdown will not lead to the end of far-right extremism in Greece. If the electorate still believes the far-right can bring back a good welfare system, they will continue to vote for right-wing parties.

Additionally, the crackdown was dubious as it happened suddenly and was controlled by one judge. The judiciary in Greece is far from immune to political pressures and populist tendencies. It is fishy that the crackdown was processed only by the third estate.

I share my classmate, Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni’s, happiness for seeing criminals arrested. However, I am still not convinced the crackdown can lead to a better future for Greek politics, since those criminals were elected democratically in the parliament, and their source of popularity remains.

Angelos Angelou

Second-year M.A. candidate at SAIS Washington

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