Dear Boo: Advice for SAIS

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Dear Boo,
The professor in my class is so good-looking that I cannot help staring at his face, and I therefore fail to concentrate on what he says. What should I do?
Chief Secretary of the Faculty Fan Club

Dear Chief Secretary,
First of all, please do not stay unfocused with your mouth open (or drooling) for sure. 😉 It would be better to get his attention by writing good papers, asking brilliant questions, or visiting his office to have a nice talk about the class (I stress, about the class). On a romantic front, well, I don’t have much to say. Being a fan is a different issue than having a crush on someone, right?

Anyway, no matter if it works out or not, at least the extra effort will get you a fine grade for the class!

Dear Boo,
I have a crush on a good (single) friend, but I’m afraid to let him know lest it ruin our friendship. However, I do know he is looking for a relationship – should I pursue this? How?
Too Shy To Try

Dear Shy One,
It is so surprising to know about the large number of SAISers who struggle with crushes and relationship issues. Our school should think of holding events for promoting (encouraging?) relationships, seriously.

Anyway, I would like to encourage you to pursue this. I mean, at least you know him well as a friend, which means it is not that you like him only because of his physical appearance or attractive smile. Something meaningful could come of this!

I personally wish it works out well for you. I will be cheering you on and you are always welcome to ask me for “individual assistance”. Do you think your crush will be scared if a woman with a pink blazer, huge sunglasses and a scarf wrapping around her head (Jaqueline style) questions him about if he has ever thought about pursuing a serious relationship?

Dear Boo, 
After I arrived to school the other day looking like I had just taken a shower in my clothes, I knew I had to cave and ask you for your help. I am sure my situation will resonate with a lot of your readers. How do I stay dry while riding my bicycle in rainy weather? Is it possible to learn how to ride while still speeding down the road with an umbrella? My friends tell me I should just take the bus, but to be honest I really can’t sacrifice the $3 for transportation when it can buy me such wonderful treasures as coffee. With no extra clothes to change into, I had to confront the mortification of laughter and the unfortunate incidence of people being a little turned off from wanting to engage in conversation with me as I am sure I smelled like a wet dog! Additionally, as winter creeps nearer, what is your recommendation on truly classy bike-appropriate clothes? With all the professionals with whom to network and (let’s be honest) all the gorgeous people to impress, I am struggling to chose the right shoes and the right outfits. I want to be warm and comfortable on the bike, but I also don’t want to be underdressed for events in the district. Please don’t tell me to take an extra pair of clothes, I am afraid that my back can’t handle any more weight with all the homework and studies that this fine institutions provide us. Please help!!                     Confused Cyclist

Dear Confused,
First of all, I am really sorry about the situation you face. At least it hasn’t been rainy in DC for a while so I hope you are enjoying the dry-ness of the city. Still, I can give you some suggestions just in case more showers come along (or snow..brrr).

Image from
Image from

Here is a picture for you. This is Jim Carrey from “Bruce Almighty” and I think you can use his professionalism as a weather broadcaster as a benchmark. Don’t forget that we should stay “professional” at SAIS.

If you don’t’ like this nice small fancy umbrella hat or are not able to find one, maybe you can bike fast enough to be able to pass between the raindrops without being hit by them…. or well, have you considered getting a raincoat?

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