Letter to the Editors: Giulio’s Bar

Dear Editors,

As SAISers, we all know the SAIS experience can be sometimes overwhelming. As you struggle from one problem set to another, from one paper to the prep of a midterm or a final, the thing you want most is to escape to an oasis where you can find peace and tranquility. Well, I personally found my safe haven at Giulio’s bar (at SAIS Europe).

Even if eating delicious food and drinking good wine can be a great escape after a busy day, the best thing I found at Giulio’s is not the food but rather the people who work there. Their most impressive quality is they go out of their way to give you what you need — be it a particular sort of tea or a special kind of sandwich, even if the bar does not normally keep something in stock. Are you on a diet? Do you have a special request for your lunch? Would you like to organize an aperitivo or a party? I have never heard a “no” from Giulio even if it meant opening the bar on a Saturday afternoon or keeping it open late during the week.

What makes Giulio’s bar special for me (and for everyone else who spends time there), is Giulio, Mary and the rest of the crew. Whether I needed a quick coffee before class or a glass of wine after an exam, I always find a smile and a word of support. In short, I found real friends. Always there to listen to my frustrations, to support me or to party with me and my friends in and outside the bar is what makes Giulio “the guy” at SAIS. Without him, this school would not be the same, and looking at the crowd there every evening or lunch break, I bet I am not the only person who thinks this bar is special.

Looking back, this year at SAIS Europe has been incredible. Every day passed through ups and downs together. Yet my favorite moments at Via Belmeloro 11 are here to stay, unforgettable, in the story of my life. And most of them took place at Giulio’s.

Best Regards,

Sara Agostini

First-year MA Candidate at SAIS Europe

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