SAIS Europe Selects New Mr. and Mrs. SAIS

Mr. & Mrs. SAIS Europe (Derek Schlickelsen and Grace Cineas) celebrate their victory. (Joy Yao)
Mr. & Mrs. SAIS Europe (Derek Schlickelsen and Grace Cineas) celebrate their victory.
(Joy Yao)


On Saturday April 5, SAIS Europe celebrated the annual Mr. and Mrs. SAIS auction to benefit the Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs. The event included a talent show and a live auction where students, faculty and staff bid on offerings from their colleagues and peers. Among the auction items were a multi-course meal cooked by a SAIS Europe student (Giulio of Giulio’s Café purchased the meal), a New York City apartment rental, a scooter ride in the Apennines, and a yoga class, among others. The auction raised several thousand dollars for the Journal.

In addition to funds for the Journal, the evening’s talent show yielded a new Mr. and Mrs. SAIS. After watching several performances, students elected Grace Cineas and Derek Schlickeisen. Cineas performed a belly-dance routine, while Schlickeisen performed a cross-dressing stand-up routine. Cineas and Schickheisen note that the competition was top quality. “Everyone performed so well. For me the competition was all about having fun and making a complete fool of myself. Derek, on the other hand, kept character throughout the show. Absolutely amazing.”

When asked about his newfound acclaim, Schickheisein said, “Acclaim is a very kind word for losing any remaining shred of dignity I may have had!”

What is next for the winners? “You know I am thinking of taking this show on the road with Derek. His moves were so great in his introduction. I think he will be a very natural belly dancer,” said Cineas.

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