SAIS Observer Editors’ Note To The Community

Dear All,

The past year has seen some tremendous changes for the Observer. We went from being a monthly to a weekly, established a strong web presence (going from a monthly best of 481 to 7,205 views), and restructured our editorial staff to bring you not only more but better stories. We introduced new sections to bring you alumni and experts, we covered SAIS events and we raised questions of the administration and the student body. We started publishing in Nanjing, covered more from other campuses, and worked together  as a staff of 30 people to bring you your weekly dose.

Through it all, we have had your continuous support, and we want to thank you for your time and thoughtful responses. We look forward to your continued readership and participation as we strive to keep improving. Thank you, and we hope you keep engaging with The SAIS Observer.

SAIS Observer Editors


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