Bullying at SAIS is unacceptable

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BOLOGNA, Italy —

Dear Editor,

As a SAIS student, standing alongside fellow students, bullying is the farthest thing from my mind. In spite of that, bullying has been the center of many conversations lately. At first, I thought students were referring to issues from a different school or country. It soon became apparent that the bullying being referred to is here, at SAIS Europe.

I have heard about the divide between students who attended pre-term and those who did not. While I understand that each group has created their own identity and group of friends, there is no reason — no reason at all — for the divide to create animosity between us. Students being derogatory to their fellow classmates should not be an issue for us. I am flabbergasted to hear from people that they have been explicitly harassed, either through messages or in person. At a school of international studies, all of us have at some point learned about — or even experienced — the struggles and atrocities to which the less fortunate among us have been subjected. It is unacceptable for us to turn around and not only be less than professional, but also less than what should be expected of a kind human being.

Whether or not there are differences between people — whether or not we like someone — there is no excuse for bullying. Being cordial to one another is the least we can accept. I for one, as a proud SAISer, refuse to take anything less. Our school trains people who will change the world, let us lead by example and act like it.


A Concerned SAISer

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