Getting to Know SAIS D.C.’s Student Life Director

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Khorey Baker, SAIS DC's new Student Life Director (Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University)
Khorey Baker, SAIS DC’s new Student Life Director (Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University)


WASHINGTON — During the week of October 27th, Khorey Baker began his role at the SAIS D.C. campus as the new Director of Student Life, taking on a key administrative position that holds responsibilities relevant to many aspects of the SAIS student experience. The SAIS Observer sat down with the new Student Life director to briefly ask him about his perspective on the position’s responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities.

Baker’s work experiences include positions at Rhodes College, Florida State University, and most recently as Assistant Director of Residence Life at George Mason University. When asked what interested him about the SAIS Student Life department, he responded that, “SAIS presented a great opportunity to serve a dynamic student population, and to continue to explore student affairs.”

Students’ interests, goals, and input are central to Baker’s plans for the first few weeks at SAIS. “My first focus is meeting the student body to get a feel for what SAIS students are looking for and to learn how to best serve them,” he explained, and emphasized attendance of student recreational events as a way to reach out to the student body. Baker plans to attend the upcoming International Dinner hosted by the Student Government Association, as well as weekly Cookie Hour events, and will “consistently be looking for more events to attend and interact with the student body.” While he will utilize resources left by Lisa Kahn, the previous Student Life Director, Baker aims to “view student issues with a new lens, and have the student voice be a part of student life moving forward.”

The Director of Student Life serves as the advisor to the SAIS Student Government Association. Additional responsibilities include directing annual orientation activities, “aiding students in crisis, [and] providing students with appropriate resources.” Baker also looks forward to “connecting with colleagues in Bologna and Nanjing, [and talking] about student experiences across the three campuses.” Overall, he sees many opportunities ahead to “make sure that students have the best experience they can possibly have.”

When asked what message he would have for the student body, Baker responded, “this office is here to serve students. I absolutely care about the student experience and want to make SAIS a great experience inside and outside of the classroom.”

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