Bring on the Chocolate

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BOLOGNA — Cioccoshow is magnificent. A five-day celebration of Italian and international chocolate (cioccolato in Italian), the annual festival combines two of the best things in life – chocolate and festivity – to make for a toothsome and gladdening experience. Located across several of Bologna’s charming piazzas, Cioccoshow celebrates both Italian and international chocolate in most every form you can imagine.  Morsels, waffles, spreads, truffles, sprinkles, flakes, drinks, brittles, fudges, assortments, fruits, creams, blocks – even shoe-shaped molded chocolate. In addition to the dozens of Italian chocolate-makers in attendance are instructional classes, demonstrations and tours at the Chocolate School in Piazza Galvani. Classes include Ciocco Science, Eating with the Brain, Chocolate Crowned, and Stories of Chocolate.

SAIS students are eating it up. “It’s the perfect remedy after midterms,” said Eloise Waldon-Day, a first-year student in Bologna.  Clay Kitchura, a native of Texas, called Cioccoshow “wonderful and magical.” With the majority of the vendors and activities in Piazza Maggiore, a ten-minute walk from campus, students have found it to be a nice study break or way to unwind.

This year’s Cioccoshow features the “undisputed master of pastry” and “King of Chocolate”, Ernst Knam.  Knam has operated a renowned bakery in Milan since 1992; his “creations follow the seasonality of food and his interpretations of chocolate, spices and fruit make his pastry unmistakable.”

Given the recent foul weather, Cioccoshow has brightened the days of the Bolognese. A delicious diversion from work and study, all are getting their fill while they can.

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