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Follow along with SAIS Europe to get all the latest thoughts, opinions, and commentary related to Election Night 2016!

 November 9 @ 20:29 EST

SAIS Europe announces the winner of trivia night: Nasty Women!

November 8 @ 18:47 EST

SAIS Europe take a break from the activities to chat, while the wait for the first set of polls to close in the U.S.

November 8 @ 18:22 EST

SAIS Europe get ready for the evening by doing some Trivia. Question posed: To the nearest year, how many years older is presidential candidate Donald Trump than former NBC report Billy Bush?

November 8 @ 17:30 EST

Interview with Abigail Gage, a 1st year MA student at SAIS Europe, talking about her experience working at the House of Representatives and how she educated Americans on the U.S. legislative process.

November 8 @ 17:04 EST

Opening remarks from Professor Erik Jones, director of the European Studies program, outlining what the elections to audience members.

Monday Night:

SAIS Bologna students gathered in the Bologna Center late Monday night to call and convince American voters to turn out for Hillary Clinton


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