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Follow along with SAIS D.C. to get all the latest thoughts, opinions, and commentary related to Election Night 2016!

November 8 @ 22:32 EST

The SAIS Election Event ends – but the election still goes on! #SAISElectionNight

November 8 @ 22:27 EST

Ohio announced to Trump. Groan audible.

November 8 @ 22:26 EST

DOW Futures fall below 600 in light of the current election results.

November 8 @ 21:13 EST

Asian markets plummet at the prospect of Trump presidency – Nikkei, Hong Kong take hit

November 8 @ 22:09 EST

Down Future down 500 points? Why yes, that’s real!


November 8 @ 22:07 EST

There is more yellow on the map than red/blue.

November 8 @ 22:05 EST

Electoral Count:

Trump – 134

Clinton – 104

Source: CNN

November 8 @ 22:04 EST

All we know is that we know nothing about the outcome!

November 8 @ 21:59 EST

¿Díme come te sientes? / Tell me how you feel?


November 8 @ 21:57 EST

Putin has not appeared on a ballot yet… #RussiaInvasion

November 8 @ 21:54 EST

Virginia called for Clinton? Crowd goes wild!

November 8 @ 21:52 EST

SAISers watch intently on the polling results come in! #SAISElectionParty


November 8 @ 21:49 EST

Stocks plunge on the news of the American election results #SAISElectionNight

November 8 @ 21: 47 EST

Races in multiple states: Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin – still too close to call.

November 8 @ 21:45 EST

CNN predicts that the Republicans will keep the House.

November 8 @ 21:44 EST

The election is still up in the air…

November 8 @ 21:41 EST

DOW Futures  off more than 400 points (2.2%) as Trump remains in the lead (in the race) – USA Today

November 8 @ 21:40 EST

Say Something Nice About the Other Candidate: “I think that people who run for any senior office have to believe on some fundamental level that they can have a positive influence in the country. In my opinion, it would not be worth the time, money, and energy spent unless he is truly trying to service some greater purpose, regardless if that purpose was achieved. It is important that Trump has been able to stand for and represent a significant population of Americans..” – Chris Jackson

November 8 @ 21:39 EST

Say Something Nice About the Other Candidate: “He doesn’t abuse hair products” – Andrea Alie

November 8 @ 21: 38 EST

Say Something Nice About the Other Candidate: “He has a great fake tan” – Denisa Pacholska

November 8 @ 21:36 EST

Need a little pick-me-up? Just remember, the doesn’t necessarily make the man (or the policy).


November 8 @ 21: 32 EST

The map is appearing is looking red right now. #SAISElectionNight

November 8 @ 21: 27 EST

Clinton wins Connecticut and the lead still remains for Trump.

November 8 @ 21: 25 EST

I’m disappointed that CNN hasn’t dropped some new tech like they did with the 2008 hologram… #SAISElectionNight

November 8 @ 21:23 EST

DOW Futures are down after the gains made on the eve of the elections – also peso has dropped modestly during Trump’s winning position.

November 8 @ 21: 21 EST

Still waiting for the outcomes of the pivotal swing states. The election will be determined by it.

November 8 @ 21:17 EST

Electoral Count:

Clinton: 97

Trump: 129

Source: CNN

November 8 @ 21:15 EST

The amount of boo’ing and cheering depending on the outcome for a start is unreal!

November 8 @ 21:09 EST

Trump leads, but Clinton still has the big states on her side! #Election2016

November 8 @ 21:07 EST

“I don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with after Brexit” – Adele Barzeulait, MA Student

November 8 @ 21:06 EST

Yaaas Queen! #Election2016


November 8 @ 21:04 EST

Even Khorey Baker, Director of Student Life, is thrilled with the turnout of the SAIS Election Night Watch Party! #Election2016


November 8 @ 21:02 EST

“Are you kidding me? Where else would you want to be when you already attend the most politically charged school in DC?” – Alex Sleisenger

November 8 @ 21:00 EST

CNN projects Hilary Clinton winner!

November 8 @ 21:00 EST

“Currently checking one-way kayak results back to Bologna!” – Madison Wilcox

November 8 @ 20:57 EST

“I was confident but now I’m honestly horrified after seeing Florida roll in.” – Leonidas

November 8 @ 20:55 EST

Sporting that “I voted” and “Yo voté” bling!


November 8 @ 20:54 EST

The pizza rush is RUHL!


November 8 @ 20:51 EST

“I am an international student and am really worried about the elections. The next President can influence my time here and the exchange rates.” -SAIS DC student from South Korea

November 8 @ 20:50 EST

On Florida: “Based on early voting I don’t think Clinton will win but Florida is always the least predictable state on election night” – Lee Sutton

November 8 @ 20:47 EST

Waiting for more results!

November 8 @ 20:40 EST

When the pizza runs out, there are always cookies. Cookie hour after all!


November 8 @ 20:38 EST

Watch party well underway!


November 8 @ 20:36 EST

“I love diversity and I love being in America during this historical time. I want Trump to win just to see some more excitement while I’m here.” -SAIS DC student from China

November 8 @ 20:34 EST

“Japan hopes Clinton will win because she is the more qualified candidate and proved herself as Secretary of State.” -SAIS DC MIPP student from Japan 

November 8 @ 20:31 EST

Alabama for Trump. Sweet home.

November 8 @ 20:26 EST

Pizza arrives. Crowd goes crazy!  #MakePizzaGreatAgain

November 8  @ 20:24 EST

Florida is still too close to call – changes between a Clinton lead and a Trump lead. Could it come down to Florida again like 2000?

November 8 @ 20:21 EST

Electoral Count:

Clinton – 68

Trump – 48

Source: CNN

November 8 @ 20:19 EST

Nitze is crowded! Lots of SAISers are excited/nervous about the outcome of the elections tonight!

November 8 @ 20:14 EST

Join us as we blog the presidential election! Stay with us for the next couple of hours for details and SAIS insight!

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