Veterans Group Stages Brief Protest at SAIS’s D.C. Campus

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Photo Courtesy of Tunahan Ceylan

By Patrick Kelley

WASHINGTON — Protesters representing the Weed for Warriors Project demonstrated in front of SAIS’s Nitze building earlier this afternoon, objecting to Johns Hopkins’ Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science’s decision to drop out of a clinical trial studying the effects of medical marijuana as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Protesters threw “Weed for Warriors” discs toward the Nitze building during the brief protest

The flag-waving protesters initially marched to the doors of the Nitze building before SAIS security pushed the group back to the public sidewalk. The group then hurled discs emblazoned with the group’s logo toward the building. Ultimately, the protest was short-lived, lasting a mere 15 minutes.

This story will not be updated because it is finals week.

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