A welcome from the Bologna bureau!

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Dear readers,

It is our pleasure to take a moment and introduce ourselves as the Bologna bureau of The SAIS Observer. This year, the Observer’s Bologna bureau intends to capitalize on SAIS Europe’s unique vantage point for studying international affairs during this pivotal moment in history. We will foster cogent and engaging debate and analysis of international relations and serve as the source of record on the ongoings of SAIS Europe.

Our contributors and readers are among the world’s most educated students of international relations, and we believe student journalism plays an important role in creating opportunity for high-quality student dialogue. To that end, we encourage all students to consider writing for both the News and Opinion sections of our campus newspaper. Diverse viewpoints need to be heard, and we will provide a forum for students to share their perspectives. That said, we will ensure contributions remain constructive to debates. Contributing is also an unparalleled opportunity to have your name and work featured in a recognized publication, which pays dividends in life beyond SAIS.

As we embrace the new school year, The SAIS Observer hopes to bring our student body’s voices to the larger SAIS Europe community.


Jonathan Wilkinson, Bologna bureau chief

Olivia Magnanini, News editor and deputy bureau chief

Taylor Jackson, Opinion editor

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