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Danielle Thompson

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to SAIS! My name is Danielle Thompson, formerly the deputy editor-in-chief, and currently the editor-in-chief of The SAIS Observer for the spring semester.

I had the pleasure of working with T.J. Sjostrom for the past seven months and he taught me a lot about TSO, leadership and journalism. First, thank you T.J. for all your hardwork and dedication. I would also like to say that I am incredibly excited to take on this role within TSO. We have so many ideas, an incredible team and only four months to try to accomplish it all..

This next semester, my main goal is to grow TSO’s exposure and audience. It’s important that you, as readers, feel you can come to TSO to read your fellow student’s work and get a better understanding of campus events regularly. We will work hard to bring that to you, better than ever and with a lot more communication and posters.

Cheers to a new semester everyone!

Danielle Thompson

Srijoni Banerjee
Deputy editor-in-chief

Dear reader,

My name is Srijoni Banerjee, this semester’s deputy editor-in-chief, formerly the executive editor. Last semester was an extremely rewarding semester for us – both in terms of producing great content and spreading the TSO brand name – and although we’re sad to see T.J. leave us, we hope to learn from his leadership and vision.

For the next four months, I’m excited to be working with such a talented team (shoutout to all my editors!), Dani and Becca. We have some great ideas for strategizing TSO content by tackling complex issues on campus and beyond and strive to attain the highest journalistic standards while delivering them to our classmates. We wish to do this by developing a more inclusive, responsive leadership board and hope to collaborate with the SAIS student body to take our mission forward. Happy reading!


Srijoni Banerjee

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