HNC Winter Break

Over the winter break, students from SAIS Nanjing documented their experiences

And Action: SAIS in Three Films

By Observer Staff Bologna, Nanjing, and Washington—Welcome to Open House, prospective students. Surely, you are experiencing information overload as you … More

Video: SAIS Core Courses in Debate

Chances are, you know these words well: AFP, CNS, Evolution of the International System and Theories of IR — SAIS’s four core courses. But are they still relevant? Are they covering the right material? Do they need revision? Listen to Erik Jones, head of the European Studies program at SAIS, and students, weigh in on this issue in this video by Video Editor Karishma Chanrai.

SAIS Europe Thanksgiving


SAIS Europe celebrates Thanksgiving in annual feast in the auditorium — and a special guest appearance by the SAIS Europe-pardonned turkey.

An Interview with a Bologna-based Refugee

SAIS Observer Video Editor Karishma Chanrai interviews a Bologna-based refugee about his time escaping from Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi. (Voiced by Kshitij Neelakantan)

Dear Boo: Advice for SAIS

The biweekly advice column addresses in video form on being a meat-lover in vegetarian romances and being intellectual sexy. (Produced by Video Editor Holly Naylor)

The World of Journalism with John Lloyd

Karishma Chanrai features John Lloyd – Director of Journalism, Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford, U.K.; Contributing Editor, Financial Times; Columnist, and la Repubblica.