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Fall Break at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center


The Hopkins-Nanjing Center took the week of Thanksgiving off. This video compilation highlights the breadth of experiences HNC students had that week, whether it be going home for the holiday, travelling the world or enjoying a staycation in Nanjing.

Khun Nyan Min Htet is a staff writer at the Nanjing Bureau. He is a HNC Certificate/SAIS M.A. student currently completing his Certificate at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center before starting at SAIS DC next fall.

And Action: SAIS in Three Films

By Observer Staff

Bologna, Nanjing, and Washington—Welcome to Open House, prospective students. Surely, you are experiencing information overload as you listen to stimulating panels, speak to smart students and accomplished faculty, sit in on dynamic classroom discussions, and learn about the fun foreign language requirements (SAIS is a rare IR breed in that it offers an extensive language program integrated into the curriculum). When you have a moment, we encourage you to watch three films that offer a glimpse into the world of SAIS across our three campuses in Bologna, Italy; Nanjing, China; and Washington, D.C.

SAIS Bologna

SAIS Nanjing

SAIS Washington

Video: SAIS Core Courses in Debate


Chances are, you know these words well: AFP, CNS, Evolution of the International System and Theories of IR — SAIS’ four core courses. But are they still relevant? Are they covering the right material? Do they need revision? Listen to Erik Jones, head of the European Studies program at SAIS, and students, weigh in on this issue in this video.

Dear Boo: Advice for SAIS

Dear Boo, your biweekly advice columnist, answers your questions in a special edition this week! Find a video response to the following questions on Have a question for Boo? Email her at


Dear Boo,

Just heard the term intellectually sexy (referring to a professor). can you explain the term and what does it take to acquire it?

Smelly cabbage


Dear Boo,

I have a crush on a guy who is a strict vegetarian, while I am a faithful meat lover. Is this going to work out?

Pensive in a Korean BBQ Restaurant

The World of Journalism with John Lloyd

John Lloyd – Director of Journalism, Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford, U.K.; Contributing Editor, Financial Times; Columnist, and la Repubblica

Part of the International Journalism Series. Organized in collaboration with the Reuters Institute, Oxford, U.K. with support from the CCSDD, a joint venture of Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe and the University of Bologna, Italy

John Lloyd is Director of Journalism at the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford and a contributing editor to the Financial Times.

For the Financial Times, he has been Labour Editor, Industrial Editor, East European Editor and Moscow Bureau Chief. In 2003, he was founding Editor of the Financial Times Weekend Magazine. He does a weekly column for Reuters and writes regularly for la Repubblica of Rome.

He has written several books, including Loss without Limit: the British Miners’ Strike (with Martin Adeney); The Future of Work (with Charles Leadbeater); Birth of a Nation: an Anatomy of Russia; and What the Media are doing to our Politics.

He is chairman of the Advisory Board of the Moscow School of Civic Enlightenment.

His awards for journalism include the British Press Award for Specialist Reporter of the Year, the Granada Award for Journalist of the Year, the David Watt Prize for outstanding journalism and the Biagi Agnes Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award.