Postcards from the HNC: Guangzhou Edition

By Audrey Fritz December 19, 2019 Tianhe District, GuangzhouPhoto Credits: Natalie Craig  NANJING, China — Over the Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC) Fall Break, international and Chinese students in Professor Thomas Simon’s course ‘Injustices, Discrimination, and Identity’ travelled to Guangzhou to conduct field research on discrimination towards Africans living in Guangzhou. As a unique city that has... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Lessons

By: Julia Fonteles “Just how completely the world below our feet will become unknown to us is not yet clear, and how we register its transformation remains an open question.”      David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth In recent years, international stakeholders have finally started to take climate change seriously. When evaluated quantitatively, however, the... Continue Reading →

My Journey Home

By: Laura Rong  NANJING, China – It feels weird to write in this location as a SAIS Bologna student, but after returning home for almost a month, I can finally tell my story. My journey to Europe ended on an ordinary Thursday in March. Seeing a growing number of cases in Italy every day, I... Continue Reading →

Does COVID-19 signal the end of capitalism?

By Rashi Seth April 19, 2020 EVERYWHERE, the Globe - The pandemic began in Asia, rapidly ripped through European capital cities, and wiped out a third of the human population. When the spread was contained, the revolts commenced, institutions collapsed, and society was in need of an economic reconfiguration. This is essentially the abridged history... Continue Reading →

When there are people, but no policies: International interaction during COVID-19 政策不足、人口有余:新型冠状病毒时代的国际互动

By Hope Parker 柯梦希 NANJING, China — When political scientists recommend intergovernmental cooperation, rather than competition, they frequently turn to low-level relationship building. International travel and educational exchanges are touted as means of developing mutual understanding, to encourage governments to cooperate. It seems people have listened. In early April of 2020, the New York Times... Continue Reading →

China’s Unchecked Xenophobia Awakened 被唤醒的中国无节制仇外心理

By Natalie Craig 葛莉花 April 27, 2020 “Cold” — both the meaning of the character on the mask and the treatment towards some foreigners“冷”:既是口罩上的汉字,也是一些外国人受到的待遇Photo by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash NANJING, China — As the SARS-CoV-2 virus spread outside China’s walls, first came the removal of three key American news organizations, the New York Times, Washington... Continue Reading →

Beyond Wars Between Fans: A Sketch of Two Chinese Virtual Subculture Communities

By Wei Baipei NANJING, China —By the end of February 2020, as China began to recover from the coronavirus outbreak, millions of users of Sina Weibo, the largest social networking platform in China, began following a hashtag unrelated to the virus: #FansofXiaoZhanreportedAO3(肖战粉丝举报AO3). First appearing on February 29, the words embedded in the hashtag themselves are... Continue Reading →

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