In the face of grand historical narratives: Documenting my grandmother’s past 祛蔽和重构:我的外婆小传

By Lui Zhuoran 刘卓然 In the 1980s, the literary trend of “individual historical narration” was born in Mainland China. At that time, enlightenment ideals were introduced once again into China; the state had no longer controlled private life as strictly as before, and restrictions on thoughts and speech were gradually relaxed, causing various ideological cultures... Continue Reading →

Victory for the left in Spain comes at a cost

Photo credits: @Bernat Armangue/AP By Olivia Magnanini BOLOGNA, Italy — In a decisive victory in last Sunday’s elections, current Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez succeeded in bringing the Socialist Party (PSOE) their first governing victory in 11 years, making Spain one of the only European nations to be led by a leftist party, albeit with a... Continue Reading →

Zelenskiy’s presidency will be rife with challenges

Photo credits: Ze Komanda By Olena Dobrunik BOLOGNA, Italy — April 21 will be remembered as the day when Ukraine turned against the traditional political establishment by electing Volodymyr Zelenskiy as their president. The resounding defeat of Petro Poroshenko at the hands of Zelenskiy, who received over 70 percent of the vote, should be seen... Continue Reading →

让座礼仪 Generational tensions on display: public transport culture in China

By Shen Hao Translation by Amy Bodner “爱心专座”标识 A sign featured on buses and subways indicating who is entitled to priority seating Photo credits: Baidu Baike 南京,中国——据新华社报道,截止2017年底,中国60岁及以上老年人将达到41亿人,占总人口17.3%。同时,到2050年老年人将占到我国总人口的三分之一。 随着老龄化日趋严重,老年人正在和年轻人共享甚至竞争有限的资源,年轻人和老年人因此产生各种代沟和误解,这一点体现在中国地铁和公交等公共交通的利益文化中。孝道为先的中国传统文化与提倡自由的新时代观念产生了碰撞,两者间的矛盾分歧亟待解决。 NANJING, China — According to Xinhua News Agency, by the end of 2017, China’s elderly population — those over the age of 60 — will reach over... Continue Reading →

NATO at 70: In its prime or prime for retirement?

Photo credits: The White House By Silje Olssøn BOLOGNA — When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded after the Second World War, its objective was to promote cooperation among its members and preserve their freedom against the threat posed by the Soviet Union. Last week, NATO celebrated its 70th anniversary, despite it being... Continue Reading →

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