Chained Women in China 铁链女

By Cheng Rui 成睿 NANJING, CHINA — 25 years after Li Yang’s award-winning film “Blind Mountain” exposed the problem of human trafficking in China, the tragic reality depicted in the film is once again rearing its ugly head. The Chinese public has learned about Yang Mouxia, a woman who was sold like chattel, chained with... Continue Reading →

Peng Shuai 彭帅

By Beata Desselle 戴蓓雅 NANJING, CHINA — Peng Shuai was not the first Chinese celebrity to suddenly disappear and likely won’t be the last.  中国,南京 —— 彭帅不是第一个一夜之间就消失的中国名人,也不会是最后一个。 On November 2, 2021, Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, who is widely regarded as one of the best doubles players of all time, wrote an emotional post on... Continue Reading →

China’s Zero-Covid Policy: The Motivations and Hidden Costs 中国的“清零政策”:动机与隐藏成本

Photo Credit: South China Morning Post Since May 2020, China has recorded only four deaths from COVID-19, around 24,000 cases, and a death rate below 0.0004%. The Chinese government is bragging about the success of its Zero-Covid Policy in fighting against the pandemic. However, these statistics do not tell the full story. Aside from doubts... Continue Reading →

China’s Power Scarcity – Short Pain or Structural Crisis? 中国电荒——阵痛还是结构性危机?

By Cheng Rui 成睿 NANJING, CHINA —  September-October is typically the peak production season for private enterprises in China, but in 2021 a shadow was cast over the early-autumn boom. A massive nationwide power scarcity began in mid-September, and the "pulling and restricting" electricity policies in several major manufacturing provinces have negatively impacted production capacity... Continue Reading →

China’s Low Birth Rate Raises Concerns

By Alex Yue In May 2021, the government of China released data from its seventh national census and, at the same time, revised its fertility policy to allow and encourage couples to have three children—a significant reversal of policy from prior decades and a key indicator that China now perceives fertility as a national concern.... Continue Reading →

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