Friday for Futures: Has Germany abandoned its constitutional responsibility towards future generations?

Nina Hall, Assistant Professor of International Relations, Johns Hopkins SAIS (Europe) Friday for Future Students protest in Berlin, 08.02.2019. Credit: Mindful also of its responsibility towards future generations, the state shall protect the natural foundations of life and animals by legislation and, in accordance with law and justice, by executive and judicial action, all... Continue Reading →

German foreign policy and the Basic Law

By Christopher Hill May 2019 BOLOGNA, Italy — Only the most unreconstructed realist would deny that constitutional structures have a significant influence on the way in which a country conducts its foreign policy. The United States may be a superpower, but the implementation of its external relations is constantly affected by the separation of powers... Continue Reading →

Utopian realism: The Green New Deal in Europe

By Charlie Lawrie October 14, 2019 BOLOGNA, Italy — At the beginning of the year, the announcement of a Green New Deal briefly dominated U.S. headlines. Led by recently-elected Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Boston stalwart Ed Markey, the Green New Deal was trumpeted as a legislative package aimed at decarbonising the US economy and... Continue Reading →

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