Mason Library and Non-Classroom Facilities to Remain Closed Indefinitely

By Zachary Wheeler According to the latest comments from university leadership, SAIS’ Mason library and other non-classroom auxiliary facilities will remain closed indefinitely pending improvements in the local public health environment. SAIS’ decision to keep the library closed contrasts with the decisions of peer DC institutions and the Homewood campus. On January 8, 2021, Dean... Continue Reading →

A Complicated Past: Universities & The Legacy of Slavery

By Richard Pedersen On December 9th, 2020, President Daniels shared an email with the Johns Hopkins community that shattered previously-held notions regarding our institution’s founder and namesake. For decades, the Hopkins community believed its founder had been an ardent abolitionist dedicated to human freedom and equality. However, the reality is more complicated. Research on Johns... Continue Reading →

The Evacuation of Friendship and Knowledge 一场友谊与知识的撤离

By Austin Frenes 冯翱森 HNC students evacuated from China last year (clockwise from top left): Cooper Brehm, Nick Kaufman, Daniel Wethli, and Austin Frenes 去年从中国被撤离的中美中心学生:裴治雄,高宁,文丹,冯翱森 NANJING, CHINA — Strange doctors on subways, an evacuation car ride through the countryside, quarantine on a military base, tears in Bangkok, and a normal train ride to Shanghai. This... Continue Reading →

SAIS’s Role in US-China Dialogue

By Qianrong Ding Intercultural communication has never been more important than today given the turbulent US-China relationship. The SAIS US-China Dialogue contributes to this effort through a series of meaningful discussions on pressing issues, helping to foster understanding between China and the United States. The US-China relationship is one of the most complex bilateral relationships... Continue Reading →

The Flaws of SAIS’ Class Bidding System

By Alex Kessler At the beginning of every semester, SAIS students gamble on their education through a complex bidding system. Popular classes such as Illicit Finance, Risk Modeling, and The Rise of Economic Nationalism drive a competitive auction, often resulting in a clearing price above 1000 points. While bidding exists to allocate finite classroom seats... Continue Reading →

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