Breaking – Reorganization of ERE Program at SAIS announced


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The fastest-growing program at SAIS is making some changes; yesterday, April 10th, faculty within Energy, Resources, and Environment (ERE) met and discussed the department’s future, including that at least two of the professors’ contracts would not be renewed for the academic year 2018-2019. The changes are based on recommendations made by the consulting firm Parthenon Group, a subsidiary group within Ernst & Young that SAIS hired to manage the university’s downsizing efforts.

Earlier today, Administrative Director Debbie Bleviss made an announcement to address rumors about the future of the ERE program, stating that while there are changes, the curriculum will not be significantly altered. Below is the full transcript from Dr. Bleviss:

“Students, over the past couple of days, rumors have been flying that ERE is moving back to teaching only about traditional energy sources.  This is not true.  ERE is committed to continue and improve upon its focus on energy and sustainability.  So classes such as renewable energy will continue to be offered.  Over time, we will be updating our curriculum both to reflect the strengths of ERE’s new academic faculty and to address emerging energy and sustainable issues.  But the basic commitment of ERE to a strong energy and sustainability program is unwavering.  If any of you have remaining concerns about this, please feel free to come and see me.”

The email, sent to assuage students’ concerns, has left more questions than answers for some. At the time of writing, neither the findings of the Parthenon Group, nor the extent of the administrative changes, have been made available to the student body or The SAIS Observer.

This story is developing, and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Elizabeth Goffi is the Executive Editor of The SAIS Observer, and a second year MA student at SAIS DC.


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