Professor Hua Tao on Islam in China

BY JONATHAN HALL-EASTMAN Hua Tao earned his Ph.D. in History from Nanjing University’s Department of History in 1989. He currently serves as a professor of Chinese Studies at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center and professor and doctoral advisor at Nanjing University. From 1992-1993, he was a visiting scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute. His research interests include the history... Continue Reading →

Eliot Cohen and the Fight Against Trump

BY SHAWN DOYLE Donald Trump is careening towards the Republican nomination, with the conservative establishment left watching in horror as the failed meat salesman and former reality television star hijacks the party. A last-ditch movement to stop Trump before the convention has materialized to prevent this reality. The SAIS community has played a significant role... Continue Reading →

Is Trade Evil?

Trade has driven the U.S. presidential debate in 2016. Criticizing free trade as the cause of declining U.S. manufacturing, both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have sparked serious discussion throughout the electorate on free trade, globalization and the recreation of tariff barriers. In search of reasoned expertise to explain the trade phenomena, we sat down... Continue Reading →

Taipei City Guide

  BY SUSAN WANG While Tokyo, Beijing or Shanghai may be conventional vacation choices, Taipei should be your next travel destination. Though Taipei may be small and not the most aesthetically pleasing city in the world, it’s Asia’s hidden gem. As a culinary and cultural melting pot, Taipei should not be overlooked. Arriving in Taipei... Continue Reading →

Wanda World

BY CHASE STEWART To misquote Deng Xiaoping, “To get rich is glorious!” Since the 1980s, China has experienced the most rapid economic expansion of any country in the history of the world. Millions of Chinese have been lifted out of poverty and a new burgeoning middle-class has been flourishing in urban centers all over China.... Continue Reading →

Faculty Interview: A Discussion with Paul Armstrong-Taylor

Paul Armstrong-Taylor is the Resident Professor of International Economics at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Nanjing University, China, where he teaches classes on finance, strategy and the Chinese economy. His professional experience includes positions as a consultant at Monitor Group and London Economics and as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Professor Armstrong-Taylor received... Continue Reading →

SAIS Europe Visits the Hague

BY ANA VASUDEVAN  On April 1, eight SAIS Europe students traveled to The Hague, Netherlands as part of a trip organized by Professor Tiffany Basciano in Washington, D.C., for students concentrating in International Law and Organizations. Often referred to as “the city of international peace and justice,” The Hague houses some of the world’s most... Continue Reading →

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